Gebraucht Baumaschine Baukran Angebot: Terex CTT 181, Preis auf Anfrage Bruttopreis, von 2007 in 56450 Theix, Frankreich Bauunternehmung Skanska CZ. Krane – Untendreher gebraucht Terex CTT 181 - Standort: 56450 THEIX-NOYALO / Frankreich - EFWR-3219-HA in der Nähe von Vannes, Auray, Guérande The Terex Comedil CTT 181/B-8 is a 180 tm (load moment) flat top tower crane with a lifting capacity of 8.8 tons. We rent tower cranes for varying periods. Terex CTT181B-8 Tower Crane from Maxim Crane Works, 9 US Tons, Maxim Crane Works, Tower Crane Rental, Crane Rental, Tower Cranes 1-877-MAX-LIFT ( 1-877-629-5438 ) … Bauunternehmung Skanska CZ. The CTT 181 B 8 is manufactured and distributed with Add. Manufacturer: Terex cranes. Die Suchergebnisliste der Terex Krane ist nach Aktualität sortiert, Sie können auch eine Sortierung nach Preis, Baujahr, Betriebsstunden oder Standort vornehmen. Hydraulikteile, Motorteile, Filter, Dichtungen und viele weitere Ersatzteile jetzt zeitsparend und einfach zum richtigen Preis finden. Кузнечики, ул. flex-gear hd ct clamp 159mm to 181mm,flex-gear hd ct clamp 159mm to 181mm Used Tower Cranes Terex CTT 181 available - Terex CTT 181 of 2007, in France, for at MachineryZone Your experience on our website is our priority. All Cranes > Tower Cranes > Terex > CTT 181 B-8 TS21. Sutaupykite daugiau pinigų ir laiko. : 2008 Height : as required Jib length: 65m At 65m jib : 1.90 tons Max. Auf finden Sie zahlreiche gebrauchte Krane. Sign-up is easy and free, no strings. Cranbalt rent. Terex - CTT 181-8: Jib Length (Max) 65m: Jib Length (Min) 35m: Capacity (at Max Radius) 1.9t: Max Capacity: 8tn up to 25.52m: Max Mast Height: 104m Freestanding: Power Mains: 70 KVA: Power Generator: 105 KVA CTT 181/B1-8 TS21 Datasheet Metric Sehen Sie detaillierte technische Daten und Datenblätter für Terex Comedil (Zeppelin) CTT 181 B 1-8 aus dem Jahr 2010 - 2015. 3 W 7 5.5 x 7.3 m C45 TS21 FP 2.1 m H (m) 44.7 38.8 32.9 27 21.1 4.5 m Price: Contact Seller for Price. Model: Terex CTT. Location: Lombardy, Italy. Ersatzteile & Zubehör für Turmkrane-LK-odCTT182-8 Terex Comedil (Zeppelin) von Händlern aus der ganzen Welt. C60 TS21 FP 2.1 m 7 x 8.8 m C60 TS21 T H (m) 6 m 50.9 56.8 45 39.1 33.2 27.3 21.4 2.32 m 2.1 m 98.8 PBP TSB PBR TSB 2.28 m H (m) ˘ ˇ ˆ ˇ˘ ˙˝ ˛ ˛ ˛ ˝˝ The crane's free-standing hook height is 220 feet. Tower Cranes For Sale. The Terex/Comedil “Flat Top” CTT181B has a maximum lifting capacity of 8 tons with 1.9 tons capacity at the tip. TEREX COMEDIL CTT 181-A in Lombardy, Italy ‹ › Contact the seller for additional photos and information. Foto: Hynek Žák: Terex Comedil CTT 182-8 in Prag (Tschechische Republik). Bokštiniai kranai ir jų nuoma – internetinėje svetainėje CranBalt. Работа башенного крана Terex CTT 181 на строительстве школы по адресу: г. Подольск, мкр. : Yr. Find detailed specifications and machine details in the original Terex Comedil (Zeppelin) CTT 181 B 8 datasheet. Capacity: 1.9 - 8 t. This seller has been contacted 2 times in the last week. Terex Comedil (Zeppelin) CTT 182-8 Turmkrane-LK-od Ersatzteile. The height of the lattice mast reaches out to 55.4 m (181.7 ft). Pastatykime geresnį pasaulį kartu! mfg. CTT 181, CTT161, CTT 331, CTT 141 and other Weitere gebrauchte Terex ctt181, CTT 181 Krane finden Sie ebenfalls hier, oder Sie durchstöbern die Liste aller Terex ctt181, CTT 181 Krane sortiert nach Modell. We're offering free advertising for dealers and individuals with Tower Cranes for sale. C45 TS21 T C45 TS21 F 2.1 m H (m) 44.7 38.8 32.9 27 21.1 4.5 m 3 N1 N1 ! Comedil CTT181B. Arcomet becomes uperio. Comedil CTT 181 in Prag (Tschechische Republik). Capacity, t (US t): 8 (8.8) Capacity at max. Terex CTT 181-8 TS21 Rok produkcji: 2012 JIB: 65 m HUH: 33 m Max 8.000 kg - 1.900 kg na końcu JIB Kabina Baza C45 Wieża TS 21 CENA NA ZAPYTANIE OFERUJEMY Kompleksowe doradztwo przy wyborze odpowiedniego Żurawia, montaż oraz UDT. Arcomet and Matebat have joined their forces and their expert knowledge under a new name: UPERIO. Flat top tower crane ctt 181B-8 tS21 Specifications: Max jib length: 65,00 m Capacity at max length: 1,90 t Max capacity: 8,00 t Ballast, Cabin and Cross girder. Arcomet, one of Northern Europe’s leading crane construction and rental companies, and Matebat, French leader in tower crane distribution and rental, have already had a common shareholder for several years now – the LFPI group. When the tower crane is place on an undercarriage, the hook height is up to 186.3 feet. ... A Terex Company SISTEMA Divisione Automontanti Different heights and tower combinations are available as well. Bauunternehmung HochTief. Lifting Capacity: 8 tons. | Terex Peiner Liebherr It has been sold without Rail carrier, Undercarriage and Climbing device as of 2014. CTT 181/B-8 Le prolunghe TS sono disponibili in lunghezze 5.9 m, 2.95 m,11.8 m. Altezza massima sotto gancio In servizio Fuori servizio A vuoto, senza zavorra, braccio max., altezza max. TEREX-COMEDIL FLAT TOP CRANE CTT181 H20 Terex-Comedil Flat Top Crane 181 TECHNICAL DETAILS Makers : ITALY-USA Working no. 5. Our Tower Cranes for sale page can feature your Tower Cranes at no cost to you and will be found in the top of popular searches. length, t (US t): 1.9 (2.1) Max Jib Length, m (ft): 65 (213.3) Downloads. The Terex CTT 541-24 flat top tower crane has a compact jib that is only 16.5 meters long and a maximum erection height of 55 meters to comply with local regulations. Selling used Terex comedil CTT Flat top Tower cranes. Vous assistez au montage d une grue à tour de marque comedil modèle terex 181 . Search for Used and new Tower Cranes Terex-Comedil ctt-181 amongst 4 ads updated daily on MachineryZone, the leading european platform to buy and sell construction equipment. Skilled operators with long experience in industry and construction projects will ensure safe and reliable crane operation. Erhalten Sie einen tieferen Einblick für Terex Comedil (Zeppelin) CTT 181 B 1-8 mit Datenblätter auf LECTURA Specs. Tower Cranes With a View CTT Tower Cranes Rizzani De Eccher Italy HIGHLIGHTS Crane Models: CTT 181 & CTT 161 120.000 m2 of concrete 10.500 t (11,574 US t) of iron Rizzani de Eccher, one of Italy’s leading con- location, and the implications of using nine struction companies, used nine Terex® tower crane units in close vicinity. Your experience on our website is our priority. Its maximum jib length is 213 feet, and the machine can lift more than 2 tons at the tip. Foto: Hynek Žák: Terex Comedil CTT 182-8 in Prag (Tschechische Republik). This crane has up to 8 working radii options ranging from 30 m (98.4 ft.) to 65 m (213 ft.). All mast and jib sections are … The Terex CTT 182 utilizes a 59 kVA connection and … Interested in this machine? The list of Terex tower cranes being used is long: The range extends from the GTS 511B, through the CTT 91-2.5 and the CTT 91-5, all the way to the CTT 181 and the CTT 331.